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Care for your patients from the moment they arrive in the carpark

The patient experience starts well before the clinical consultation.

Care for your patients from the moment they arrive in the carpark

Locating a medical service for the first time, accessing transport and car parking, finding amenities and waiting in unfamiliar environments can contribute to patient stress and anxiety at a time that may already be quite stressful. Take into account the varied mobility and cognitive needs of many patients and it’s clear that creating a welcoming physical environment and ensuring signs comply with statutory requirements is an important component of patient care.

You can contribute to patient comfort and satisfaction by providing:

  • Exterior signage to assist patients to easily identify your location and entry points
  • Reception signage that welcomes and directs patients to engage with the correct staff
  • Waiting room signage that gives patients permission to use amenities, ask questions and report relevant clinical information
  • Wayfinding signage that assists patients navigate to needed services and amenities
  • Interior signage that distinguishes between clinical and non-clinical spaces and patient and staff spaces
  • Door and directory signage that accurately reflects who is on duty

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Project management for sites large and small

Whether you need signs for a boutique practice or a large hospital, our proven project management processes ensure your signs are installed on-time and to specification, every time.

Support staff efficiency

Clear and easy-to-understand signage is also good for staff. According the Center for Health Design, when patients have the benefit of an information system, including elements such as a welcome sign and orientation aids, patients are more self-reliant and make fewer demands on staff.

When you work with Signarama you can expect:

timely estimates

quality control that delivers consistent products on a national scale, over long time-frames and across repeated orders

clear and detailed documentation to assist with approval processes and expenditure reporting

retention of design files allowing for easy re-ordering and/or re-purposing of your signage products.

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